Artists should always use the best materials available and their budget will allow. Not only does it make a significant difference in the final aesthetic outcome and archival longevity, but the actual process becomes a pleasure. Painting is difficult enough as to not detract oneself with poor materials and tools. Patrons and collectors expect to purchase a work that will last. This a list I am currently using, but it is ever-changing.

Download my current supply list.

The following are vendors of quality art related materials.


Natural Pigments

NY Central Art Supply

Italian Art Store

New Traditions Art Panels

Canvas Panels

Dick Blick


La Tourette's Gallery

Master Works Frames

Family Woodworks Frames

Plein Air Frames

Motyka Frames

Bryan Smith Frames

Rett Ashby Frames

Gala Frames

Stafford Frames

PH Miller Frames

Frames by Edward Wright

Front Range Frames

Barbara Carter Frames

Hackman Frames