I am often asked what I listen to while working in the studio. Usually I have music, podcasts, art videos, or audio books playing. Here are a few you may find interesting/inspirational.

If you come across additional good sources to add to this list, feel free to email suggestions to me – thomaskegler@thomaskegler.com


Podcasts - Audio and Video casts:

There are some amazing art related podcasts currently being offered. Here are a few sources that are sure to inspire and generate critical thinking:

John Dalton: http://www.johndalton.me/podcast/

Danny Grant: http://www.dannygrantfineart.com/podcast/

EricRhodes: http://www.outdoorpainter.com/podcast/

Newington Cropsey Webcasts: http://www.nccsc.net/webcasts

Suggested Donation: http://www.suggesteddonationpodcast.com/blog/

Scott Wadell Webisodes: https://www.youtube.com/user/waddellwebisodes

Artists Helping Artists: http://artistshelpingartistsblog.blogspot.com

Savvy Painter: https://savvypainter.com/podcast/

Ted Talks

Big Think




Most genres

Catholic Radio


Art Videos:

I play numerous instructional videos to listen to while painting.

Michael Klein

James Gurney

Scott Wadell

Erik Koepell

Cesar Santos

Sadie Valerie

and many others


Audio Books:


Catholic Catechism

CS Lewis