Niagara Falls

"Painting Niagara" Instructional Documentary

The Most Comprehensive Landscape Painting Video with over 8 hours of training!

Join me in studio as I share every step in the making of this massive 8' depiction of Niagara in oil “Niagara, Psalms 84:11”. This ground-breaking film documents the entire painting process from concept to framing with over 2 years of study, planning and constructing. My studio practices are revealed in this behind the scenes look including detailed technical understandings of “layered” painting approaches, as well as the anatomy of the landscape, combined with sensitive and nuanced expression. Lessons include concept drawings, plein air studies, materials and preparation, value and temperature relationships, landscape perspective, glazing, scumbling, final details, and designing and construction a gilded frame from scratch.

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“I learned more from this video than all my other books and videos combined!”
Vince Rowland 

"Thomas Kegler’s instructional video “Niagara” is a wonderful masterpiece, but yet it is more than that; it is beautiful and emotional artistic journey in painting. Done in 37 segments set in 5 chapters, it guides you through a master’s creation of a monumental masterpiece and gently teaches and inspires the viewer. It's instructional component takes the beginner, and the master, step by step to a whole new level of artful creation. Tom Kegler is an exceptional artist, and more, he is a motivated and a skilled teacher. 
I have watched the video many times. The inspiration motivates me, and the format has allowed me to return to segments that I feel are helpful and relative to what I need at the time. Teaching at it best and art at its highest."
Robert Kull

“I have just finished viewing this DVD and I can honestly tell you that it is the best and most informative DVD in my collection.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication in sharing your painting knowledge and experience with the art world.  You have given us a great gift.”
Rosemary Fink

“Seeing how you used your plein air studies for the final piece in Painting Niagara blew me away.  Your approach would have even made Thomas Cole jealous! Thank you for the abundance of accessible information. Beginners, amateurs and professionals alike will benefit from this course. I will be referencing it again and again for years to come”.
Sean Witucki

“Thomas Kegler’s, Painting Niagara Video, stands alone as an instructional Masterpiece.  In this beautifully filmed and produced eight plus hour video, Kegler, a preeminent Contemporary American Master Artist and supremely gifted teacher takes the viewer on a two year odyssey of painting our Natural Wonder, Niagara.  
In my experience, this video is remarkably unique:  Niagara marries inclusive technical instruction with the very core of the artist’s philosophy, spirituality and contemplation of nature and creation.
Niagara; Psalms is a treasure not to be missed by every aspiring contemporary artist, collector and Art enthusiast.”
John Brach



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